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Native, Web, or Hybrid?

The enterprise mobile space has apparently settled on three categories of applications: native, web, and hybrid. At a glance, it would seem that Catavolt rests firmly in the native category and would be subject to all the pros and cons of native development, but looks are deceiving. It’s true that Catavolt apps are 100% native, but it’s not true that the typical pros and cons apply.

So what makes Catavolt different?  Continue reading

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A New Choice

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In the enterprise mobility space Catavolt is like buying a commercial airline ticket to get from point A to point B.  Application development via an SDK or a MEAP is like buying a kit so that you can build your own plane.  We believe both have their fit within organizations for various uses.

For many companies the idea of leveraging mobile devices in their business operations is quickly turning from a nice to have to a necessity required to stay relevant and competitive.  When going mobile, companies usually have to choose between two options: find a packaged solution that fits the exact need or develop a solution on their own.  Packaged solutions are pre-built for a very specific purpose. When they represent a good fit they can be the right choice, but most companies find that an off the shelf solution usually does not exist for their unique requirements.  This forces the option of developing a custom solution.  Custom development happens so frequently that there are a large number of development tools out there that help companies with the development process.  But, as we all likely know from our own experience, developing custom software regardless of the tools is a challenging task that carries up front risk and long term costs.  Catavolt is changing how companies go mobile by providing a new option that allows companies to create mobile solutions that are customized to their exact needs but without writing any custom software. Continue reading

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