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Solving “Cloud Scale” Problems with Multiple Programming Paradigms

Operating at “cloud scale” pushes many technologies beyond their practical limits; and out of necessity comes invention. A particularly clever invention suitable to solving “cloud scale” problems is the Scala programming language. Scala is a multi-paradigm programming language that equips programmers with even more techniques for solving complex problems. Specifically, Scala offers programmers both object-oriented and functional techniques. Most enterprise programmers are familiar with object-oriented programming, but not very familiar with functional programming. The biggest difference between these two programming paradigms is how they maintain state (objects). Writing object-oriented code with getters and setters is standard practice for Java programmers, but the functional programmer strives to isolate “setters” of state to just a few hidden corners of an application. An example of how the multi-paradigm approach of Scala can help solve complex problems is in the new research paper by Glenn Osborne, CTO of Catavolt. This paper shows progress towards a better solution to a classic problem of enterprise applications — mapping objects to a database.

White Box Object Mapping Using the Object-Functional Paradigm