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The Corbins Story:


In the last couple weeks, I have learned an incredible amount about process improvement through one of our customers, based out of Arizona, Corbins Electric. Our marketing team visited their facilities to get acquainted with the executives of the company, a few foreman, superintendents, etc. We spoke with them on how they have used the Catavolt platform and where they have seen the most growth. They have been able to extend all processes through our customizable platform.

Corbins is an electrical contractor that serves the southwest that was founded in 1975. They have become one of the leading electrical contracting companies in their region. The lean implementation has become a culture phenomenon within Corbins. “Building trust among our employee base is one of the key things to getting problems out on the table and recognizing that the process problem is not a people problem,” stated Justin Martin, Corbins COO. A lot of their processes were paper based before Catavolt. Microsoft Office and Excel were incorporated in most of their day to day work processes in the field and eve in the office. As normal it sounds for most, everything was done on paper by hand. They would have to scan things, email things, deliver paper copies and with more than fifty active jobs sites at a time. Overall there were incredible challenges getting information back and forth from the field to the office in a timely manner. These challenges would have a huge impact on the ability in the field to make quick and important business impact decisions.

For Corbins, incorporating Catavolt in the day to day work process has opened them up to seeing massive culture change. Mainly by eliminating the frustration of the paper processes among co- workers. All that it took was replacing what the foreman would usually do with an iPad. The time saved by their field leadership was already a couple hours a day on average so they can focus on developing their employees and solving problems so they can hurdle right over the pain points doing things in an inefficient way. Catavolt allowed Corbins to expand their programs all in one place. We provide the platform, they get to design it however they like. Ultimately, they didn’t have to change their processes, they just change the programs around their process that already existed. This helped with moving their process along efficiently to witness a greater increase in their ROI. Now, Corbins has about forty distinct apps and approximately two hundred different versions of each. They have been able to double their headcount with the same number as payroll admins, more visibility on employee information, and more.
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