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The Upside to Going Digital


Last week, I had a chance to touch on cutting the cost of app development. Cost of development is one of the major things that hesitates us from moving our businesses into the digital world. When you take a glance at the market, a popular buzzword that seems to be taking the industry by storm is “digital transformation.” So what does digital transformation actually mean? According to Bill Schmarzo from CIO, “Digital Transformation is application of digital capabilities to processes, products, and assets to improve efficiency, enhance customer value, manage risk, and uncover new monetization opportunities.” It’s truly, just that.

What is the big deal with digital?

The goal of digital transformation is to improve efficiency and give you the ability to create more. Going digital can bring a change for the better although it initially may sound like a large investment. It’s exceptionally easy to think that going digital is a waste of money but it can be rewarding to your organization. Continuing to use paper in every area of your business may seem easier, but are you progressing?

Practically what Going Digital Mean for your Users?

Some workers rather stay far away from the buttons, icons, and navigating screens, that appears to be for the “younger generation” but quite frankly, the use of digital tablets and smartphones are user friendly for anyone. Imagine putting aside your paper processes to grab a smart gadget to simply enter data. You would have the ability to log it, save it, send it, and move on to your next task without the pause because of error. It eliminates the excessive time and error that is put into entering data analysis into excel sheets.

Going digital modernizes your company.

The workers advance in skill-sets among one another and the company will essentially receive more resources to enhance their work processes. User adoption is incredibly fast and easy with the right software. Altogether, it brings new opportunity for growth. It shifts the culture of your company and brings new innovative ideas but take it for what it is. Going digital would be new ground to take, to explore, and to conquer. It would put your organization on the front lines with winning companies, big or small.

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