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Why SaaS for Mobile?

This post was originally written by Kevin Murphy, Director of Sales Engineering at Catavolt:

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We all know what it means to have a monthly payment – our rent, mortgage and car notes are all paid once a month.  But software is still, often, sold as a large upfront expense with annual maintenance.  While that traditional pricing model might work for some enterprise systems, it’s not the right option for mobile solutions.

OS vs. App Availability

Everyone has had the experience of upgrading your mobile phone’s operating system (OS, e.g. iOS, Android, Windows) causing your favorite app to quit working.  Or, that new, must-have tablet comes out and your old apps are no longer supported.

Consumer mobile companies spend significant resources on keeping the app that’s in the App Store or Google Play current with the latest OS; their revenue streams depend on it.

Constant Maintenance

But, your business apps are a different story.  Keeping your users productive means supporting every new phone or tablet, and every software upgrade and patch, and any future technical advancement.  This need requires constant and often expensive maintenance.

Paying upfront to develop a mission critical app is just the beginning.  Most business apps will cost more in maintenance over a five year period then that initial outlay not just because of business requirements changes but technical changes in devices and software.

Mobile App Platform

SaaS provides the right solution; the model that ensures constant attention is paid to a quickly changing environment.  You’re paying into a service that monitors the device hardware and the OS software to guarantee that your business critical mobile solutions work every time.

App platforms like Catavolt can take the stress of going mobile off of your IT organization.  Call us to find out more.